Margin management that puts you in control

An industry-leading margin and financing management solution.

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An industry-leading margin and financing management solution

Syncova’s flexible calculation engine gives you the power to create your own rules and build your own calculations – to service as many business lines as you need – all within a single platform.

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With Syncova

Managing and accurately accounting for the costs associated with margin, stock borrowing and financing agreements can be a major challenge for buy-side firms. Syncova is an automated and highly-configurable calculation engine that offers improved flexibility, transparency and accuracy – letting you access this information when and how you want it.

Merge and organise

Accurately consolidate and attribute margin by underlying fund, strategy or portfolio managers.

Validate findings

Validate the accuracy of financing and borrowing charges by replicating broker calculations.

Compare costs

Provide accurate side-by-side comparisons of broker financing and borrow costs.

Charge fairly

Reduce the risk of overcharges with broker-by-broker comparisons.

Verify finances

Support all financing calculation structures, including net and gross financing, asset-based financing, and tiered spreads.

Control costs. Enhance profitability. All within one powerful tool.