Laying the operational foundation for success

In the hunt for higher returns and portfolio resilience, investors continue to diversify into private markets. Growing firms filled the lending gap as investors enjoy the attractive returns that far exceeded public debt yields.

In the midst of surging inflation, fast rising interest rates and geopolitical uncertainty, private markets is “uniquely positioned for both reliable income and risk-adjusted returns,” notes alternative research analyst Prequin in a recent Global Private Debt Report.

In this whitepaper, learn how private credit is proving to be one of the more resilient sectors of the growing investment landscape, in an era of rising public volatility and risk. The more superior the operational infrastructure the better positioned your firm will be to take advantage of the unusual opportunities in these uncertain times.

Grow comfortably with Geneva®

One sure way to drain profitability as you grow is to run multiple, single-purpose systems that result in poorly-integrated operational siloes. Strategy proliferation is untenable without the right technology backbone.

Firms need a comprehensive portfolio management system that can handle market complexities, multi asset classes and investment structures with confidence. Solutions must support all instruments, transaction types and currencies. That’s how firms sustain growth without the growing pains.

Geneva® supports a variety of fund types and strategies, supporting markedly different accounting and reporting requirements, covering both open- and closed-end structures.

This enables asset managers, hedge funds, private equity, private debt firms and practically any investment manager to manage their portfolios more efficiently and accurately. And respond more quickly to changing marketplace demands.

Geneva® can be tailored to unique investment strategies and processes in private equity and private debt. And it’s scalable: no need to replace your portfolio management system as your portfolio grows and gets more complex.

Payback on your investment

When you invest in a single platform that consolidates all your portfolios, returns come in the form of reduced costs and improved operations. It’s the best way – in fact, the only way – to combat margin erosion.

With real-time reporting and analytics tools customised to your private market requirements, you can track your investments’ performance and monitor risk.

With accounting processes automated – from trade entry to general ledger updates, and reconciliations – you see fewer errors and greater efficiency.

Geneva also helps you take your investors with you on the growth journey. It streamlines your investor communications and reporting processes on one centralized platform for vastly improved transparency and detailed reporting. With documents, updates, and performance metrics shared, clients never feel like they’re out of the loop.

Geneva®: Built for size and complexity

SS&C Advent’s Geneva is designed to support complex alternative investment strategies and high trading volumes. Backed by ongoing R&D investment, it continues to evolve.

With Geneva, investment management firms can more efficiently manage their portfolios and make informed investment decisions, thanks to integration with various data sources, including market data providers, custodians, and prime brokers.

Managing regulatory compliance and reporting requirements more easily means firms can shift their focus back onto core investment activities.

Geneva gives the flexibility to pursue new strategies and diversify lines of business as opportunities arise, without the need for expensive and inefficient integrations.

For those firms that need to re-focus their energies on strategies and profitable decisions rather than operations, SS&C Advent offers a number of outsourcing options in addition to managed applications. These can effect change quickly and smoothly, without extra infrastructure costs.

Geneva is a proven solution for asset managers, hedge funds, fund administrators, prime brokers, mutual funds and institutional asset managers. With Geneva on your side, you can move with the markets and take advantage of investors’ growing appetite for diversification.

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