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SS&C Advent’s investment suite delivers firm-wide automation and connection to support your most ambitious goals.

  • Automate processes end to end
  • Trade, settle, account and report in any currency
  • Ensure investment compliance for clients and regulators
  • Connect your teams and clients through digital transformation
  • Prepare for future trends

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Margin management that puts you in control

An industry-leading margin and financing management solution.

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Get your numbers right with Syncova®

Managing and accurately accounting for the costs associated with margin, stock borrowing and financing agreements can be a major challenge for buy-side firms. Syncova® is an automated and highly-configurable calculation engine that offers improved flexibility, transparency and accuracy – letting you access this information when and how you want it.

Merge and organise

Accurately consolidate and attribute margin by underlying fund, strategy or portfolio managers.

Validate findings

Validate the accuracy of financing and borrowing charges by replicating broker calculations.

Compare costs

Provide accurate side-by-side comparisons of broker financing and borrow costs.

Charge fairly

Reduce the risk of overcharges with broker-by-broker comparisons.

Verify finances

Support all financing calculation structures, including net and gross financing, asset-based financing, and tiered spreads.

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Request a demo now

Please submit your details and we will get back to you shortly to schedule a demo.

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Wealth management & traditional investments

Solutions for any investment manager servicing retail clients — or a mix of private and institutional investors — offering discretionary management, own-managed or distributed funds.

Multi-asset management & alternative investments

Solutions for service providers or investment and alternative managers servicing institutional or private clients, managing diverse strategies or complex fund structures.

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Solutions & services for investment management

Supporting any type or size of business, any strategy and any operating model.


For portfolio management, accounting, reporting, trade- and fund order management, client engagement, and more.


Diversify strategies and differentiate your business with comprehensive asset class coverage.


Eliminate the need for separate systems, and optmise your operational workflows.


Designed specifically for operational scalability, seamlessly supporting change and growth.

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Why managed services? And why now?

More and more investment management firms are outsourcing their core technology and some or all of their operations to a managed services provider. The trend has accelerated in the wake of the pandemic, as firms face legacy system constraints, operations staffing challenges, and the shift to remote and hybrid office/home work.

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SS&C Advent Talks

Invest for tomorrow

Market moves

Client success

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The APAC region accounts for around 42% of global wealth


Studies suggest that at least 80% of millennial heirs will seek out a new financial advisor in place of their parents’ wealth manager after they inherit


Half of HNWIs under 40 say they are not satisfied with their wealth manager’s personalised offerings and the digital interfaces provided by their firm