Your success,
no accident.

Your firm’s trajectory hasn’t happened by chance.


You’ve grown through meticulous planning and execution.

You’ve got the right people making smart decisions. You’re always looking for ways to lift your game, to improve performance, and scale.

But do your technology solutions have the same attention to detail?

Are they as ambitious as you are?

Asset management

Empower your teams with efficient automated trading, unmatched compliance tools, and real-time reporting. Accurate and timely records form the backbone for all your operations.

Hedge funds

Stay at the leading edge while managing risk, with Geneva’s exceptional, automated services for front, middle and back-office operations.

Fund administrators

Scale easily up or down as required, backed by 24/7 support. Make complex tasks simpler using automated features; generate different performance reports for different stakeholders.

Private markets

Manage multiple asset classes and multi-currency portfolios as you diversify. Geneva helps you track various assets across multiple currencies and jurisdictions, and collaborate seamlessly.

Geneva is the market leader in North America. EMEA has been quick to follow.

That hasn’t happened by chance either.

Harness Geneva’s robust, tailored fund accounting, investor servicing, portfolio management, and real-time reporting.

Let Geneva’s integrated solutions set your talent free, so they can focus on decision-making, and alpha.


You’ve come too far and invested too much to be let down by your technology.

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