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Give your business the right environment to thrive

SS&C Advent’s investment suite delivers firm-wide automation and connection to support your most ambitious goals.

  • Automate processes end to end
  • Trade, settle, account and report in any currency
  • Ensure investment compliance for clients and regulators
  • Connect your teams and clients through digital transformation
  • Prepare for future trends

Investment management technology in a flexible, modular solution

Invest in our all-in-one investment suite – or adopt in stages, including:

Client Engagement
Build and strengthen relationships with a unified digital experience, to engage your clients and empower your advisors.

Fund Order Management
Ensure efficient fund order processing and distribution through automated workflows, for higher volumes with less effort.

Portfolio Management & Trading
Empower your front office with tools for portfolio construction, modeling, rebalancing, analytics and trading.

Portfolio Accounting & Reporting
Integrate your portfolio management, accounting procedures, CRM and reporting – all in one solution.

Data Management
Count on accurate and timely market and portfolio data for your entire investment lifecycle, managed through a single source.

Workflow Management
Reduce operational risk with robust exception management and data governance workflows.

Outsource and get focused

Firms that seek to dramatically streamline operations and reduce complexity can outsource their IT and operations through Advent Managed Services. Choose from a customizable menu of operational services and free up your teams to re-focus on client relationships and strategic growth.

Simplify your work.
Empower your business.

Elevate your front, middle, and back office with powerful technology built on the breadth of investment management workflows—from portfolio management to trading to operations to client services—in one fully integrated, end-to-end solution. See the data you need, when and how you need it. Make more confident, informed business decisions, work at scale, and take your firm to new heights.

A complete solution

With simplified portfolio management and reporting and easy access to real-time data, excellent client service is assured.

No matter what size your business, and whether you manage individual wealth, funds or institutional assets, or a combination of these, our technology adapts to your workflows. The Advent Investment Suite is a flexible, scalable and fully integrated solution that offers robust functionality across your operation.

Get the connection effect

Today, being totally connected throughout the organization is the foundation for innovation, and vital for your competitive advantage. It can transform business operations and boost efficiencies in measurable ways, setting you up for more informed investing and strengthening your client relationships.

As a market leader for more than 30 years, SS&C Advent has unmatched expertise in helping investment managers adapt and thrive. Our investment management technology and services connect your people and processes, providing confidence to you and your clients that their investments are in the best hands.


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