New asset classes and fund structures bring big opportunities. But they also introduce complexity: more moving parts, vastly different workflows, and different structures within each asset class.

And that requires a measure of business transformation.

Can your technology platforms support the intricacies of accounting for and reporting on a diverse asset mix?

Ours can. Geneva® is a comprehensive portfolio management, accounting, and reporting platform that supports any investment within any structure for any region in the world. It manages complexity using a customisable, scalable, flexible solution, making operations as seamless and simple as possible.

This doesn’t happen by chance. Everything is by design.

Investment advantage doesn’t happen by chance

Our clients are in the business of generating returns for investors – not processing interest payments and paydowns, doing reconciliations, or any of the other complex workflows, accounting and operational tasks demanded by alternatives.

These firms increasingly rely on the Geneva® platform to do that work, so they can focus on their core competencies and achieve real investment advantage.

Multiple asset classes

Supports multiple asset classes and instruments, and multi-currency portfolios, across the full range of alternative fund types

Consolidated systems

Eliminates the need for multiple systems and processes to manage different types of loans

Accurate reporting

Accounts for and reports on each entity accurately and allocates profit and loss down to the investor level

Standardised reporting

Delivers the standardised reporting necessary for your books and records, client and regulatory transparency and tax reporting

Monitor and manage

Monitors and manages the underlying positions within derivatives instruments

Private market assets

Opens up the opportunity to move into private market assets such as private equity, private credit, real estate, real assets and more – mix the public and the private with ease

Global fund management

Understands alternative global fund structures; streamlines and automates the processes involved in managing them

Accurate accounting

Accounts accurately for all investments, capital and cash activity

Handle complex waterfall calculations

Monitors and manages complex waterfall calculations, expense allocations, hurdles, tiered incentive and management fees, liquidity terms and more

Automated rebalancing

Provides automated rebalancing to reduce the risk of errors, drive efficiencies, and improve client servicing

Unified data doesn’t happen by chance (and nor does data governance)

Anyone seeking to expand asset classes will need to access and integrate the relevant data sources to support those assets; also provide accurate, consolidated reporting for both investors and internal requirements. Firm-wide data consistency and governance is key; as is maintaining a single, golden source of data, which is much harder when data is spread across multiple systems.
Geneva® brings it all together.

Get faster data access with Enterprise Information Store

Ensure data governance and exception management, and significantly reduce operational risks associated with substandard data quality

Add new data types, fields and calculations to accommodate new instruments and asset classes

Integrate portfolio management and investor accounting for seamless data flows and transparency; track investors across multiple investments and provide exposure reporting and opt-in/opt-out

Harness unique, dynamic data derivation capabilities without batch processing; correct discrepancies in real-time across the entire system, with a single change

Incorporate relevant external data, such as carbon ratings, to properly classify investments as ESG; enable proper ESG reporting

Achieve real-time data updates, data storage and merged data reporting with powerful sync functionality

Automate and streamline your data discrepancies across various counterparties and solutions to seamlessly manage data reconciliation and improve reporting

Deliver highly customised communications for clients, leveraging business intelligence, external aggregation and reporting

Scale doesn’t happen by chance

Geneva® is made for operational scalability, seamlessly supporting new lines of business to meet growing demand and removing operational barriers.

Expand into non-traditional assets without stressing the system or driving up operating costs

Reduce manual processing, improve efficiency and reduce risk significantly

Grow your business faster by eliminating the need for separate systems and spreadsheet workarounds

Handle higher volumes and more detailed reporting associated with expanding business lines and client accounts, transactions and portfolios

Delivering on client needs doesn’t happen by chance

Over two decades of continuous innovation, SS&C Advent has reinvested a substantial percentage of annual revenue into solution improvements and enhancements. New features reflect the real needs of clients now and in the future, learned through constant consultation and collaboration.

  • Updates to keep the user experience intuitive
  • Extra support to keep ahead of an ever-evolving global marketplace
  • Features to ensure we continue to cover any asset, in any region, in any structure
  • Reporting based on what clients need to turn around for investors
  • The data they need, accessed easily With Geneva, you will always be able to take advantage of the latest technology as it becomes viable. It’s more than likely the only platform you will need over the life of your business.

And now you can choose to outsource it all.

Geneva® and its ecosystem of complementary solutions are now available as a managed service from Advent Managed Services. Clients can choose from a comprehensive menu of operational services to cover any operational or accounting need, with solutions tailored to roles and firms.

Approved staff can access the platform remotely and securely through an intuitive portal, with 24/7 around-the-clock support. Meanwhile, investment managers are freed from managing technology and routine operational tasks, so they can focus on their core business team. And firms no longer need to compete for specialist talent to do the work inhouse. Remove the stress on your infrastructure and reduce security risks by offloading problem areas to a service provider whose core competencies are IT and operations.

About Geneva®

Geneva® is a proven solution for asset managers, hedge funds, fund administrators, prime brokers, mutual funds and institutional asset managers. With the Geneva® platform on side, you can move with the markets and take advantage of investors’ growing appetite for diversification.