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Whatever your preference or needs, our solutions and services are built around you. We offer a highly-flexible combination of operational services and/or technology solutions tailored for your specific business requirements. Applications can be installed on premise, or delivered and managed through the cloud to release you of the IT-burden. Additionally we offer outsourcing of all or subsets of your business processes. You can mix and match as you like, in the way that best supports your operating model.

On premise

On premise

If you prefer to keep all systems and data in-house, we install software on your servers and work with you to optimize, configure and upgrade your systems. We have decades of experience working with firms just like yours, and our highly skilled and dedicated team is ready to help you build the best solution for your business.

Cloud delivery

Cloud delivery

If you want to reduce your IT infrastructure, we can deliver your solutions through a Saas model and manage the applications for you. Cloud delivery is a highly efficient, cost-effective alternative to on-premise software implementations, bringing all the advantages of our solutions without the in-house infrastructure and system maintenance burden. We take care of your technology so you can free up time and budget to focus on your business.  With cloud delivery you get secure access to your applications and data from anywhere, any time. Our offering include:

  • Audited and certified hosting facilities
  • Advent-managed computing infrastructure
  • Dedicated, highly available production environment
  • Real-time replication to a DR environment
  • System, application and automation monitoring and recovery services
  • Licensing for all supporting technologies, including Microsoft Office

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For processes that you don’t need to manage in-house, outsourcing is a flexible, cost-effective solution. We offer a variety of middle- and back-office managed services designed to streamline key areas of your operational processes, optimize your efficiency and productivity, and enhance business scalability. Our services offer the flexibility and expertise you need to a run a leaner and more efficient operation. Examples of managed services include:

  • Process, workflow and data automation of the key activities needed to run your business
  • Comprehensive data reconciliation and validation
  • Reporting and statement generation
  • Tax and authority reporting
  • Environment validations to monitor and maintain the systems and infrastructure environment

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