The hunt for alpha continues. Firms seek better book, better strategy, better returns. Being able to move with the markets, expand business lines and grow client bases are all essential. For many, there is no alternative to alternative investments.

But with alternatives come complex workflows. That level of complexity can only be managed using a sophisticated, scalable, flexible solution – one that can help you maintain relevance and stay competitive in volatile conditions.

In the search for a truly holistic portfolio accounting and position management solution, there is no alternative to Geneva®.

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Alpha doesn’t happen by chance

In our current global economy, firms must find ways to adapt to changing market conditions to get the best possible returns, through an ever-broader array of investment vehicles.


A laser focus on generating alpha for investors is more critical than ever.


The magic of Geneva® is it enables you to focus on that core competency: generating alpha. Firms are increasingly relying on the Geneva® platform to handle their complex accounting needs and solve operational challenges.


Taking that one step further, SS&C Advent has seen a huge growth in demand for managed services. Geneva® and its ecosystem of complementary solutions are now available as a managed service from Advent Managed Services, along with a customizable menu of expert-delivered operational services to ease the burden on your middle and back offices.

Any asset. Any region. One system.

With its inherent flexibility, scalability and capacity for customisation, Geneva® works with all asset classes and adapts to the unique operating models of a broad range of firms across regions.

SS&C Advent is continually reinvesting in Geneva® enhancements to keep our clients ahead of an ever-evolving global marketplace. Our focus is always on continuing to make Geneva® the gold standard.

Many Geneva® enhancements are shaped by the needs of our client base and the demands of their investors, from the kinds of reports they need to turn around, to the data they need to access.

Elite performance demands elite software

Geneva® offers firms:

  • Full flexibility to pursue new strategies and diversify lines of business as opportunities arise
  • The transparency and reporting detail investors demand
  • Comprehensive instrument coverage for complex global strategies and support for multiple account and fund types, eliminating the need for expensive and inefficient integrations in the future
  • Seamless, simple operations, with errors and inconsistencies mitigated or reduced
  • Local or cloud deployment options
  • Complete trade lifecycle management, full ledger and support for daily NAV calculation and simplified data access and reporting
  • Easy integration with internal and external systems including market data providers, CMS, risk systems and counterparties

Meeting the most complex accounting needs

Download our “Fundamentals paper” and find out how SS&C Advent’s Geneva® platform manages complex, multi-tiered fund structures including the full range of private equity fund types and structures. It seamlessly handles the processing and accounting complexity of syndicated loans and private debt, and supports you in maintaining your own internal book of records.

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About SS&C Advent and Geneva®

SS&C Advent is the premier provider of portfolio and investor accounting for private market investments. Geneva® is our world-leading global portfolio accounting platform.

A proven solution for asset managers, hedge funds, fund administrators, prime brokers, mutual funds, and increasingly, institutional asset managers, Geneva® is the solution of choice for any firm that requires a high level of operational efficiency and easy access to real-time data.

Geneva® has evolved with the alternative segment, and today spans private equity, private credit, real estate and real assets in addition to hedge funds. More than 350 firms worldwide trust Geneva® for their most complex accounting needs, ranging from under $100 million to over $100 billion in assets.