Why your data strategy is central to success.

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ESG has evolved

It is now a central component in investor portfolios, bringing with it an explosion of data. To maintain competitive advantage and meet investor demands, today’s wealth and asset managers must be able to ingest and process vast quantities of data – at speed and at scale.

In addition, millennials are an ever-growing force in the investment market. A third of them are taking an active interest – not only at where their savings and pension portfolios are being applied, but also in terms of the types of organisations and companies their pension funds are investing in. And they’re demanding proof through reporting and transparency. A robust ESG data strategy is essential.

Time for a new data strategy?

SS&C Advent lets firms remain nimble in their data strategies and gives them the ability to evolve alongside the ESG landscape.

With solutions covering the entire investment lifecycle, you can:

Manage, research and build customised portfolios at scale.

Align portfolios with investor preferences, risk tolerances and values.

Accommodate investor demands – both now and into the future.

Plus, immediate access to robust ESG data, trends and issues, enables you to:

Manage the flow of ESG data – including third party data – and map it to portfolio holdings, without risk of human error.

Drill down to a deeper level, to understand the underlying drivers of different ESG topics, risks and characteristics.

Identify outliers and trends.

Insight matters.
Gain competitive advantage in the ESG market.

SS&C Advent, a business unit of SS&C, is helping over 4,300 investment firms in more than 50 countries – from established global institutions to small start-up practices – to grow their business and thrive.

Delivering unparalleled precision and ahead-of-the-curve solutions for more than 30 years, we help our clients minimise risk, work together seamlessly, and shape the future of investment management.

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