July 2019
Change is in the air and has a huge impact on the directions that investment management firms should take. Whether it regards user experience, staffing needs post-outsourcing or again evolving allocators' expectations, investment management firms need to take action to be on top of their clients' requests.

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Scalability is not all about size
By Steve Young, Marketing Director
The financial services industry has seen significant change over the last decade, perhaps retail banking has seen the most. Here technology is at the forefront of a new user experience and radically changing the relationship between consumer and providers. Read more.
The changing staffing needs post-outsourcing
Switching from insourcing to outsourcing your investment operations functions brings a whole different set of staffing requirements. But your employees still have a vital role to play, and the biggest challenge is ensuring they are equipped for it. Read more.
Cloud hosting can help improve system agility
Security concerns will always occupy the thoughts of any hedge fund COO and can present a challenge when determining how much IT budget should be allocated. Roger Woolman shares in view in his latest interview with HedgeWeek. Read the article.
Investors want managed accounts and regulated products. But they don't come easy.
An SS&C Advent guide
Long gone are the days when investors put all their faith in hedge fund and other alternative investment managers. On the contrary, greater caution and a desire for closer oversight have appeared. This guide reflects on allocators' changing expectations, their need for increased transparency and the impact on business operations. Read the guide.
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