June 2019
Innovation is changing our industry at a rate never seen before. Technical advances are creating opportunities and threats across the sector. Change in not only affecting technology; business models and investment strategies are also evolving at an ever increasing speed.

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Technology vs people – when the company culture fails your business
By Stig Olsen, Senior Director of Relationship Management
Legacy company culture eats technology for breakfast, and that is not a good thing. Technology is not an easy game, and legacy culture often prevents companies from maximising their technology. How? Read more
Private debt boom: Can you make growth count?
Private debt is flourishing. The most recent Preqin figures show private debt assets under management hit a record $769 billion as of June 2018. Assets are expected to grow further in 2019. What does this mean for the industry? And for your business? Read more
Is your outsourcing strategy stifling your success?
Done well, outsourcing can provide investment firms with significant efficiency, scalability and functionality gains. Ensuring the outsourcing process is a success will depend on two key factors: strategy and selection. Read more
Disruption in asset management: Adopting a fintech mentality is key to firms’ survival
By Roger Woolman, Director Funds & Alternatives
Swathes of the financial services industry are already wrestling with disruption, as the fintech incursion spreads across payments, retail banking, brokerage and wealth management. And competition is not just coming from the fintech insurgents - big tech companies pose an even greater existential threat. Read more
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