Investment choice and performance

Firms are prioritising digital spend for maximum impact, choosing to invest in key growth drivers such as model portfolio automation and ESG.

Model portfolio automation

Using model portfolios efficiently allows both client and AUM growth without a linear growth in costs, but firms are still working through the automation piece.


How far along institutions are (on average) in the process of maximising automation in portfolio construction and rebalancing

“There seems to be quite a high degree of spreadsheet use by some firms. To maximise the potential of MPS there needs to be as much Straight-Through Processing as possible and an elimination of workarounds as any form of ‘end-user computing’ adds risk to the process.”

IAWMC’s Steve Dyson

ESG embedded

ESG is not only the new normal in investing, but increasingly a hygiene factor in many clients’ choice of providers and products. But embedding of ESG is far from complete.


Have embedded ESG into their investment processes


Believe their organisation already has a leading ESG proposition

Digital maturity and investment focus choices

The big question for firms now, with so many competing requirements, is how to prioritise digital spend for maximum impact. Much will depend on their current and target digital maturity.

It means making tough choices between holistic projects that achieve wholesale transformation – in effect, making digitisation an integral part of day-to-day business – against projects that would bring direct cost benefits.

“You have to look at it through two lenses, the first being the client’s digital experience and the second the firm’s internal digital experience and the whole operational piece.”

Caroline Burkart, Head of UK/Europe Client Insight, Wealth, Aon

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