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Overcoming operational hurdles


    Support of complex asset classes, including derivatives and alternatives


    Choices across the outsourcing spectrum to fit your infrastructure


    Scalable platform seamlessly integrates with external systems


    Streamlined, accurate and controlled reports of internal books and records


    Real-time data access across the firm, for IBOR/MBOR functionality


  • 350+clients worldwide
  • 70%of new clients prefer cloud-delivery and outsourcing
  • 30%of Geneva purchases are by repeat buyers
  • 10+years' cloud delivery experience and expertise

Find out why so many asset managers
place their trust in Geneva®

The all-in-one solution

  • Global investment support

    Asset class support includes equity, fixed income, derivatives, options, swaps, bank debt, spot, forward FX, and fund investments. Manage the complete lifecycle from transaction through reporting on a single platform.

  • Fund accounting & NAV shadowing

    Multi-currency platform supporting trading, real-time portfolio management and accounting, investor accounting and reporting. Generate the daily shadow NAV to mitigate risk and speed up the accounting process.

  • General ledger

    Integrated industry-leading general ledger, designed with flexibility in mind, ensures the integrity and timeliness of accounting data in open and closed periods. Firms can view, retrieve and report results with complete confidence in their accuracy.

  • Corporate actions

    Simplify the tracking and processing of corporate actions with automated, timely and accurate corporate action information.

  • Cash management

    Robust tools that allow firms to move real-time cash balances from any portfolio's trading strategies into an additional strategy, and report on pooled cash balances.

  • Market data management

    Connectivity to leading global market data sources, allowing firms to seamlessly acquire mission critical data for managing their portfolios.

  • Counterparty connectivity

    Pre-built integration to 900+ global counterparties and secure processing hubs worldwide, providing global connectivity and automation for firms receiving daily portfolio-related information.

  • Performance

    Support for vanilla or complex investment products on a single platform enables your firm to provide clients with comprehensive, transparent and accurate return information at various reporting levels (including strategy) that can be quickly verified to the underlying transactions.


    Meet requirements and make better informed decisions with a single source of data and real-time portfolio monitoring, audit trail and instantaneous error correction options, as well as flexible accounting and rich, customizable reporting.

  • Reporting

    With over 250 standard reports and an integrated, industry-leading reporting building tool. Use rule-based automation and workflows to improve operations and inform management, regulators and clients alike.

  • Revenue management

    Specifically designed for investment managers who charge fees based on portfolio valuation, this comprehensive rules-based engine streamlines billing and revenue management workflows from invoice generation to forecasts and reports for accurate and faster collection of receivables.

  • Data governance

    Monitor data quality across key areas of your business and take a pre-emptive approach to reducing operational risk while maximizing workflow efficiency through the detection, prioritization, and resolution of your data exceptions.

  • Data warehouse

    Real-time, zero batch process SQL data store for portfolio, transaction, reference and derived accounting data, providing unique value and data to visualization tools, reporting solutions or other downstream systems.

  • Open architecture

    Benefit from ease of integration with seamless connectivity to external systems, market data providers, and counterparties. Geneva’s scalable architecture ensures the highest levels of performance regardless of fund sizes, trading volumes or processing demands.


    Communicate messages to and from SWIFT, including settlement notifications to SWIFT custodians and interested parties automating communication of post-trade transactions.

    Solved by SS&C Net
  • Reconciliation

    Best-in-class, rules-based reconciliation engine automatically retrieves, captures, validates, matches and reconciles data between parties and systems. This highly-scalable solution offers customizable workflows, approval processing, notifications, alerts, and reporting.

    Solved by SS&C Recon
  • Collateral & treasury management

    Receive transparency into costs of margin, stock borrowing and financing. Offered in-house or as a service, the automated and highly-configurable calculation engine delivers high-quality analysis, counterparty reconciliation, replication, alerting and reporting.

    Solved by Syncova


As firms incorporate new strategies, Geneva® supports new lines of business and eliminates operational barriers, seamlessly.

  • Real-time

    Eliminate batch processing associated with accounting events and global corrections providing access to real-time information

  • Purpose-built

    Designed from the core, for scalability and asset class coverage

  • Simple

    Single data set to support multiple accounting and performance view

  • Open

    Integrated architecture with SQL data access providing real-time information

Find out why so many asset managers
place their trust in Geneva®



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